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Have you ever had a fantasy that you’re fearful of sharing - and then when you do, you’re shamed for wanting it? After Saren O’Grady leaves the judgmental partner who responds to her secret with ‘Jesus, what’s wrong with you?’ she reinvents herself and discovers a new passion for weightlifting - and for her hot AF personal trainer, Jake. They fall hard and bond over a shared enthusiasm for competitive bodybuilding, but then she suffers a tragic sports injury. Devastated by her body’s new limitations, Saren’s fear and depression tell her that her deadlifting dreams *and* her perfect relationship are ending. Butt don’t worry: this story’s got hope *and* anal! Hey, what’s the latin term for a Happy Ending? #GoogleIt #Worthy #BodyPositive #Bootylicious


Hosted by Sexual Folklorist Dixie De La Tour

Opening Music: 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large

Song: ‘Butt Stuff’ (Matt Griffo)

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