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Bawdy Storytelling returns to the scene of the crime with our pal, the Risk! podcast. Live onstage in Brooklyn with part two of the Risk! / Bawdy collaboration show at the Bell House, Dixie De La Tour and Kevin Allison co-host yet more pervy true stories from The Artist and The Pervert’s Mollena Williams-Haas, BexTalksSex’s Bex Caputo and music by Bawdy's own Rachel Lark.

We’ve been creating a safe space for sex and story for nearly eleven years now with our live stage series, but Bawdy’s Patreon is what makes this podcast possible. Hear these tales wherever you are by supporting us on Patreon.

Music: "Didn't See that Comin'" by Rachel Lark. Get more from Rachel at her website at

Thanks to our podcast producer, Matthew Martyr, our sound engineer for Bawdy Storytelling, David Grosof, sound engineer Jeff Barr of the Risk! podcast, Risk! podcast producer JC Cassis, and special thanks to host and creator of the Risk! podcast, Kevin Allison.

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Mollena Williams-Haas

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