Bawdy Storytelling

First time storyteller Marco Salsiccia is a visual animator and gamer whose world is upended when he starts to go blind. To escape the social isolation and loneliness, he attempts to master the new low vision tools given to him by the Lighthouse for the Blind, and then decides to make it fun by using them to explore dating sites. One night, his text-to-speech reader steers him toward OKCupid, and to an incredible woman who teaches him to live in a brand new way. Rather than having his life diminished by retinal cancer, his world - and his understanding of what love is - expands beyond his wildest dreams.

Backstory by Dixie De La Tour

Opening Music: 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large

Original Song:  ‘Always up (to go down on you)’ performed by Jefferson Bergey and Natalie Smith (words and music by Jefferson Bergey)

Podcast Host: Dixie De La Tour
Podcast Producer: Marty Garcia
Sound Engineer: David Grosof
Project Manager: Dana Hanna
Archivist / Video: Joe Moore

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‘Metamorphosis’ Sept 20th in San Francisco

‘Packs a Wallop’ Sept 27th in Seattle

‘Never Say Never’ October 18th in San Francisco

‘Wicked’ October 25th in Seattle


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Are you ready for Season 4 of Bawdy Storytelling?!?!?! We have tons of great new stories for this exciting new season including stories by: Dara M. Wilson, Luna Murray, April Kidwell, Jeffery Allen Hayes, Marco Saslsiccia, Karin Jones, Adam Ross, Jessica Cohen and more! Listen to the teaser for a sexy sample of what's on the way! 

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