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Burned out and overworked, corporate employee Gretchen Shanks takes a long overdue vacation to Tulum Mexico to escape. She’s hoping to escape her empty existence for a few weeks – hey, wouldn’t a romantic encounter be perfect?! But during a hookup (yes!) with her Mayan kayak guide, she realizes a lifelong pattern in the bedroom and resolves to employ her research superpowers to change her sex life. Gretchen’s travel involves more than the Yucatan peninsula; using her laptop and impressive spreadsheet skills, she goes from frustrated to an expert in sex parties, dominance and submission, sexological bodywork, tantra and more. Then one night in a BDSM dungeon, she meets a man who takes her to a place she’s never been. 

Ready for orgasms, desire, and female pleasure? Geek research powers activate!


Song: ‘Warm, Bloody & Tender’ 

Written and Performed by Rachel Lark





Happy Halloween! See the Rachel Lark video of ‘Warm, Bloody & Tender’ with Dan Savage, Dixie De La Tour, Polly Superstar, Sister Flora Goodthyme, Laika Fox, Wonder Dave, Jamie DeWolf and more at



Cheryl Lynn - Got to be Real

Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen

Moods - Love is Real

Mary J Blige - Real Love

Marshall Mathers - The Real Slim Shady

Smokey Robinson - You’ve really got a Hold on Me

Sylvester - You Make me Feel


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