Bawdy Storytelling

Can the best sex of your life alter who you vote for? Die-hard Democrat Jessica Cohen meets a vienna sausage fingered, Russ Limbaugh-listening Republican on an OKCupid date, and while appalled at his politics, the chemistry in the bedroom is overwhelming. Their post-sex cuddling and conversation allows them to understand each other’s politics better, and she empathizes with his circumstances that led him to vote Red. But can the phrase ‘opposites attract’ extend all the way to the voting booth? And should you sleep with someone who is canceling out your vote?


Opening Music: 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large



"Sisters Are Doin`It For Themselves" - Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin

"Freedom Train" - Lenny Kravitz

"American Idiot" - Green Day

"Make America Great Again" - Pussy Riot

"Freedom Dance" - Vanessa Williams

"Vote, Baby Vote" - DeeeLite

"Strange Love" - Koop 

"America, Fuck Yeah" - Trey Parker and Matt Stone


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Podcast Host: Dixie De La Tour

Podcast Producer: Marty Garcia

Sound Engineer: David Grosof

Project Manager: Dana Hanna

Archivist / Video: Joe Moore


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