Bawdy Storytelling

Recreational Masturbator Christina Willis finds her divorced life of pinot noir and hummus boring and lonely until she wanders onto Craigslist and answers a personal ad for a mutual masturbation date with an attractive stranger. Her busy life of work and solo parenthood force her to be content with long emails and occasional sex dates with her new penpal - until a family emergency leads to a real world road trip, and Christina learns that she and Eric are more alike than she ever knew.


Opening Music: 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large


Original Song: ‘Rhythm of the Road’ (Performed by Jefferson Bergey. Words and music by Jefferson Bergey)

the Beatles - 'Drive My Car'

Cyndi Lauper - 'I Drove All Night'

Dr. Dre - 'Let Me Ride'

Boyce Avenue - 'Fast Car'

Lakeside - 'Fantastic Voyage'

Pussy Riot - 'Straight Outta Vagina'

Sheryl Crow - 'Everyday is a Winding Road"

The String Cheese Incident - 'Round the Wheel'


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Podcast Host: Dixie De La Tour

Podcast Producer: Marty Garcia

Sound Engineer: David Grosof

Project Manager: Dana Hanna

Archivist / Video: Joe Moore


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