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Nonstop college parties are not enough when you have Attention Deficit Disorder. Claire Webber’s ADD demands that she up the anté on every social situation, because gravity bongs and keggers just feel…inadequate. One night, a pile of stolen male clothing and a repurposed five-and-dime pervertible inspire Claire to experiment with gender transformation. Despite plans to keep it platonic, Claire’s alter-ego proves irresistible to her sensible dorm-mate, so Chelsea (and her boyfriend Luke) bargain to nullify their roommate agreement.Together, this threesome discovers what this hot new man is packing in his pants!


Our Storyteller:

Claire Webber started performing in dramatic theater but was gently guided into other creative endeavors with director's’ notes such as, “You make people intensely uncomfortable” and “This production was meant to be seen by families.” Stand-up comedy was a natural fit. Claire's dedication to her odd little Id taints every aspect of her comedy and leaves an audience whimpering for more. Claire has performed at Bumbershoot and The Moth Seattle Grand Slam. Her website is


Song: ‘As Girls Go’ by Suzanne Vega


'Rebel Rebel' - David Bowie

'Androgyny' - Garbage

'Pull up to the bumper' - Grace Jones

'Magic Stick' - Lil Kim and 50 Cent

'Peacock' - Katy Perry

'Wings on my Penis' - Die Antwoord

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