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“Kinksters deserve Love too! You deserve a Fairy Tale that includes Whips and Chains and Rope and Nipple Clamps” Sexual Revolutionary & Feminist Prn Producer Madison Young is a globetrotting fetish model who likes her rope cinched Tight, and is not a fan of the ‘Is this comfortable for you?’ check-in. So when she meets the Rope Artist, she quickly falls in love with this stranger’s warm touch, his smell, and most of all, his rope. And when they finally profess their feelings, everything changes. Plus Dixie is putting out a call for story pitches. Wanna get onstage? The first round of East Coast cities has been announced!


Song: ‘Around My Neck’ (Finneas)


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About our Storyteller:


Madison Young is a sexual revolutionary that has been smashing stigma in the media for two decades across multiple mediums and platforms including several critically-acclaimed books, touring with their one womxn off-Broadway show, Reveal All Fear Nothing, and directing, hosting and producing the documentary television series, Submission Possible (Season 2 of their documentary tv series, Submission Possible, is available soon on Revry TV).


Young brings her 20+ years of experience as a pioneer in the feminist porn movement, along with her award-winning filmmaking and writing talents, to her many projects in a way that reflects the emotional nuance and authentic vulnerability that has become a signature of Young’s work. 


Young has been featured on HBO’s Real Sex and has been profiled for her expertise in feminism, erotic film and sexuality on Dateline NBC, MTV, Slutever on Viceland, Bravo TV, The New York Times, Savage Love, BBC, Elle Magazine, and Elite Daily just to name a few. 

The reach and impact of Young’s writing and filmmaking is deep and has garnered praises from celebrity icons including Margaret Cho, Dave Navarro, Maggie Gyllenhall, Amanda Palmer and Diablo Cody.

Last Year, Young also opened The Arbor, a new art space and screening room in San Francisco’s Mission District that is dedicated to amplifying the voices of queer and transgender narratives in film, television and visual art.  

Learn more about Madison Young at

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