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Would you be nervous about meeting someone if you’d already had sex with the person, yet you’d never actually seen them? After boffing someone at a pitch dark sex party, Dixie De La Tour gets a call from this mystery man, asking her for a date - and it makes her so nervous. Is she expected to have sex with him, since it’s already happened? And what if her date doesn’t like how she looks, since they haven’t actually laid eyes on each other? Big Thanks to the Risk! Podcast for inviting Dix to perform this story on their first livestream at the start of the Pandemic, and to Jefferson Bergey for this week’s original Birthday song. Remember: ‘You stop Reading, I stop Eating’! #HappyBirthday #RepentYourSins #Insecure #MatzohBallSoup


Song: ‘Jack in the Box’ (Jefferson Bergey)

About the Storyteller:


Dixie De La Tour is a storytelling coach, sexual folklorist, professional storyteller, podcaster, teacher, impresario, community builder and most of all, a facilitator of new experiences. She is also the Founder, Curator & Host of the Award-winning storytelling series, Bawdy Storytelling (“The Moth for Pervs” - LA Weekly, “The Original Sex and Storytelling series” - Playgirl) that’s been lauded for its transformational, relatable, empowering performances. Dixie has been a featured storyteller for the National Storytelling Conference, and in addition to story and public speaking coaching for her own Bawdy series, she coaches for events such as TEDx, Women in Technology, and regularly offers ‘How to Be Fascinating: Dixie’s Secret System for Brilliant Storytelling’ (her unique personal and professional storytelling system).


Ultimately, this story-loving southerner is passionate about storytelling’s ability to keep people safe, reduce social anxiety and connect us with strangers. Dixie has also been Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (“Saint Kiss & Make You Tell”) for her work to reduce stigma and eliminate shame, and in her free time, she enjoys being a Muppet. Discover more about Dixie De La Tour and Bawdy Storytelling at, on Instagram at on Twitter at @Bawdy and always at Remember, Stories help you find your people!


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Thank you to the Team that makes this podcast possible!

Team Bawdy is:


Podcast Producer: Roman Den houdijker
Sound Engineer: David Grosof
Archivist / Video: Joe Moore

Bawdy Livestream pre-show video by Donal Mooney

Live-streaming by Rubeun Tan

Storytelling support by Mosa Maxwell-Smith

& Bawdy Creator & Podcast Host Dixie De La Tour

& Thank you to Pleasure Podcasts. Bawdy Storytelling is proud to be part of your sex-positive podcast collective! 




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