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Is it true that all sex educators will fuck each other eventually? As CatalystCon approaches, Dr. Liz is surprised that she’s never gotten around to having sex with her friend, cannabis and sex educator Ashley Manta. Let’s remedy that with a black belt hotel sex party at a sexuality conference, then add a vibrating pommel horse, a monster sized strap-on, pro handjobs, a little Bruno for good measure, sexy lingerie, and the hottest threesome this army veteran has ever had. Rebel Wilson’s Sybian? This story will make you believe. #Triangle #StraddleTheCurve #Military


Song: ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ (Meghan Trainor featuring Nicky Minaj)


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The next Bawdy Storytelling LIVESTREAM is themed ‘Jackpot!’, and it’s happening on Saturday, July 18th at 7 PM Pacific/10 PM Eastern 

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