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Ever wonder if you were born in the wrong body? Back in the USSR, The Ceiling Cat Prophet recognized the 2 people inside her: Gulia, the female-identified Polyamorous Russian Buddhist Burner, and Eric, the tall blond (& well hung) bisexual art curator from Stockholm. Don’t you just want to love ‘em/f*ck ‘em all to smithereens?! And how can you choose just one partner, when you yourself contain multitudes?#AllAreWelcomeHere #ComeOutAndPlay #YouAreNotYourBody


Song: ‘Identity’ (Mina Caputo)


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Dixie’s new online storytelling workshop: Enroll in my new online storytelling workshop… we can work together on your story, wherever you are! From a story for the stage or an engaging adventure relayed your friends on FaceTime, that feeling of connection is more important than ever right now. Plus working on a story is one of the most healing, empowering things you can do as we face an uncertain future. I’d love to help you make your tale a thing of beauty. Contact me at & let’s work together.


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Welcome to the virtual community marketplace, LOVE in the time of CORONA, ground zero for your favorite Kinky Salon artists and performers to unleash their talents on your quarantine (and yes, working with Dixie is one of the rewards). We call what we do Sheltertainment. We’re not going to let this apocalypse get us down! The virtual community marketplace will offer:

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