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What happens when your brain’s on board to have sex, but your body rebels? Vintage Pornstar Richard Pacheco (real name: Howie Gordon) tells us about his first time having sex for money, and how he went from jackhammering concrete on a construction site one week to a different kind of jackhammering on a porn set the next. How did men get it up under duress before the invention of Viagra or Cialis? What’s the difference between personal sex, and professional sex? And is there such a thing as an x-rated woman’? #VintagePorn #StuntCock


Howie Gordon is the Author of Hindsight: True Love & Mischief in the Golden Age of Porn (link to & Return to Squirrel Hill: Growing up Howie (link to


Song: ‘Put it in my Mouth’ (Akinyele)


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