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Fancy a splash of French Vanilla Custard, or maybe some delicious Maple Cream? Kinky Blind storyteller Marco Salsiccia returns to the podcast with his tale of discovery: the hidden world of erotic lactation! After stumbling upon the voluptuous curves of #ANR #ABF and Milk Munches (with discounted milkshakes for attendees, YUM), Marco discovers a warm, wet, welcoming community. Plus Jefferson Bergey wants you to know that music can soothe the savage breast - oh, and did I mention that Forbes Magazine says Bawdy Storytelling’s podcast is the BEST?! #HelloNurse #Oxytocin #BestOf


Song: ‘Dirty Little Secret’ (Jefferson Bergey)

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This week, Forbes Magazine called Bawdy Storytelling’s podcast the BEST!


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