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Are you an Overachiever? When kinky supermodel Charra Steele plays Dixie’s OKPervert dating game at Bawdy, she’s drawn to an ad from a single female who laments that alas, Bawdy has never gotten her laid. Inconceivable! Charra and her partner Dan can definitely fix that. They reply, and Charra wakes to a text from from the mystery woman who suggests a no makeup lunchtime meet-up that very day to check out the chemistry. Charra waits in a Mexican restaurant (sans makeup, with a cold, no less) and when elfin hottie GlitterNips walks in barefaced and dripping from the rain, they’re both a YES and a threesome plan is hatched. But when Charra and her partner happen upon GlitterNip’s secret fantasy, our curvy heroine decides she will do whatever it takes to give this new friend a night she’ll never forget. I hope you’re HUNGRY, you Sweaty Miscreant! #Accommodating #FingerPaints #Committed


Song: ‘My Puss’ by Margaret Cho (featuring Diana Yanez)


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