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Yes, they’re REAL! On this episode, PiercedAngel can only dream of sporting a pair of bodacious Blouse Bunnies - till she learns about the Titty Fairy and Bodacious Bazonga financing (The Girl Can’t Help It), Jefferson Bergey surprises us with a song about Dixie’s secret superpower (Applause Boobs), and Allison Moon decides that getting a breast reduction isn’t about the patriarchy at all - it’s about her own comfort and pleasure (Thanks for the Mammaries). Y’all, it’s Episode 69, and this one’s all about Breasts!

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#JayneMansfield #MamieVanDoren #MarilynMonroe #Motorboats #BreastEnlargement #Addictive #BodyAutonomy #BreastReduction

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