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Karin Jones knows that turning Fifty and hitting Menopause are not the end of her sexual story. Newly single, she’s feeling bolder and more confident than she ever did as a wife and mother. So when this single, sexually-awakened woman moves to London and joins the billions on Tinder and OKCupid, online success quickly leads her to George, a new lover who recognizes that special glimmer in her eye. Together they attend her first sex party in an upscale hotel. For a moment, Karin worries that her dimpled, over 40 ass may ruin her first orgy –  until her medical training saves the day, and earns her a standing ovation!


Song: ‘Packs A Wallop’ Written and Performed by Creature Hole 

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Bow Down Mister - Boy George

Feel Good - Gorillaz

Give Me Love - George Harrison

Back it up Boys - Peaches

London Song - Ray Davies

Somewhere in London - Lionel Richie

It was London - The Kooks

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon


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