Bawdy Storytelling

Dolan is a recent college graduate and frustrated writer who is sure he’s straight. Broke and mired in a trifecta of misery - a career-ending Rugby injury, the daily unhappiness of his London PR job, and the endless taunts from a homophobic coworker – he’s in despair, convinced that there has to be more to life than this. When he stumbles upon a Time Out London magazine coupon for savings off the price of admission to a gay bathhouse, his thrifty nature leads him deep inside the infamous men’s sauna beneath Waterloo station - and the adventure changes him forever.


Hosted by Dixie De La Tour

Opening Music: 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large


Song: ‘Y.S.S.M.A.’ (written and performed by MC Crumbsnatcher)

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Boy George - Something strange called love

Madonna - Ray Of Light

Muse - Undisclosed Desires

Peggy Lee - I Like Men

Pull Up To The Bumper_Grace Jones


Podcast Producer: Marty Garcia

Sound Engineer: David Grosof

Project Manager: Dana Hanna

Archivist / Video: Joe Moore


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