Bawdy Storytelling

Luna leaves her Americorp job with teammates Alejandro and Jordana to enjoy Spring Break at the National Rainbow Gathering. A late night encounter in the glow of the bonfire with a Professor Trelawney lookalike / Alien visiting from Pleiades launches a 56 hour sexual journey that features neopolitan threesomes, a Mad Hatter, fruitarians, some sexy Columbian campfire stank a myriad of sparkly drum circles and thousands of naked hippies cavorting through forests and streams in search of adventure. It only takes a token!


Hosted by Dixie De La Tour

Opening Music: 8 Miles Wide by Storm Large

Original Song: ‘When It Comes to Coming’ written and performed by Jefferson Bergey

Podcast Host: Dixie De La Tour

Podcast Producer: Marty Garcia

Sound Engineer: David Grosof

Project Manager: Dana Hanna

Archivist / Video: Joe Moore


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‘Never Say Never’ October 18th in San Francisco


‘Wicked’ October 25th in Seattle


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