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Have you ever had anyone pay you to pee in their fern? Grrrl, that’s number 5 on Heklina’s list, so brace yourself! Legendary Drag Legend Heklina died on April 3rd in London while performing Mommy Queerest with Peaches Christ, and San Francisco’s Castro district shut down hard last week for Heklina’s Memorial. It was a sold out cavalcade of drag royalty live onstage at the Castro theater, plus they shut off the street and broadcast the performances on a Jumbotron for thousands outside, and over 10,000 fans watched it live from all over the world. Why am I telling you this? Because after years of saying No to performing at Bawdy, Heklina said Yes to Dixie a few years ago, so we have her story! Enjoy this beloved rim queen’s bizarre medley of shocking true tales - we’ll miss her trademark cackle and irreverent joie de vivre forever. Plus Dixie gets a phone call that reminds her that her work really matters, so this week’s Ramble has way less tears (is that good or bad? You tell me)


Drag | Castro Theater l TShack l Jumbotron | Murder | Livestream | Rim Chair l Satanic Vagina | Grief l Celebration | Cackle | Volcano l Death l life-changing phone call l Punk l Art l The Golden Girls l


Song: ’You Only Live Once’ (Rachel Lark)


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Stefan Grygelko (June 17, 1967 – April 3, 2023), better known by the stage name Heklina, was an American actor, drag queen, and entrepreneur in San Francisco. Grygelko's mother was Icelandic, and having been born in the U.S., he lived in Iceland in the 1980s; he named his drag character after the Icelandic volcano Hekla. Heklina founded the drag club Trannyshack in 1996.

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