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Did you think that you’d have time to accept that invite to play, only to learn your opportunity is gone forever? Friendly Misanthrope and Sex Educator / Author Allison Moon met carpenter & seminary student Hans in college and wonders: Do they really make men who invite you to have sex like this, without ego and expectation? They do, and when you lose them you celebrate their life in the most appropriate way you can - you throw an Orgy that celebrates Hans’ relentless love of other humans, and you honor their existence & passion in the best way you possibly can. This story is from a Risk!/Bawdy Storytelling collaboration show from before the Pandemic. #Community #Retrospect #Regret #NoThanks #SobsIntoOrgasms


Song: ‘Bedroom Hymns’ (Florence & the Machine)

About the storyteller:


Allison Moon is the author of five books including the instant classic sex education guide Girl Sex 101 and the erotic memoir Bad Dyke. Her newest book is Getting It: A Guide to Hot, Healthy Hookups and Shame-Free Sex.


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