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Have you ever found yourself wandering thru a bad neighborhood at 4 AM in your blood-soaked pajamas? In this Vintage story from 2011, Comic Book Writer and Educator Jason McNamara desperately wants out of his live-in relationship, but this self-professed coward can’t seem to confront his partner Elise. So while his girlfriend leaves town to ponder their problems, Jason’s coworker Bridget shows up at his door in fishnets and a catholic school girl skirt, and suddenly his love life, home life, face and employment are changed forever. Will this cautionary tale change how you think about Non-Monogamy? #CaughtInTheAct #Redhead #Cheating #Lawyer

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About the storyteller:


Jason McNamara is a comic book writer and educator who lives in Portland Oregon with his wife, her girlfriend and their four dogs. Yes, really, he writes comic books. 

You can see his work at


Song: ‘It Wasn’t Me’ (Shaggy feat. Rik Rok)

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