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Are you purposeful in your copulation? After 3 costumed, drug-fueled days at the Renaissance Faire, second generation sex-positive revolutionary Jessica Cohen leaves the company of her favorite strawberry blond 16th century mercenary trifecta - after tupping every wench, tapping every keg and snorting every substance - to head home to sleep a few hours before Monday comes. But when bong rips & 6 packs fail to induce slumber, Jessica and her boyfriend Kevin resort to acrobatic, energetic, singleminded sex…well, until the audible pop. Do you get to name the sex act when you break your partner doing it? #FollowTheFaire #WhosGuardingTheQueen


Song: ‘Bad Guy’ (Nightcore, with Billie Eilish) 


Saturday’s Bawdy Storytelling Livestream is themed ‘Jackpot!’, and it features storytellers Adam Ross, Luna Malbroux, Misha Bonaventura and Caz Killjoy, with music by Jefferson Bergey. It’s  happening THIS Saturday, July 18th at 7 PM Pacific/10 PM Eastern 

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Episode Links

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5 Things that make us Happy

This week’s focus: Creativity in the face of Uncertainty


1. Author Charlie Jane Anders Is creating a book about storytelling that is designed for this moment in time. Check this out: “From author Charlie Jane Anders, Never Say You Can’t Survive is a how-to book about the storytelling craft, but it’s also full of memoir, personal anecdote, and insight about how to flourish in the present emergency.” Charlie Jane is an old friend, and I can’t wait to buy the book! Till then, they’re releasing a chapter a week on


2.  Have you ever tossed a coin into a fountain and felt the fear fly off your fingertips, right along with that penny? Hold your breath and Make a wish


3. “There is no one way: a collection of reflections, routines and advice for creative life in a pandemic” Extraordinary Routines takes a look at how artists are coping during COVID.


4. My friend Catherine Burns (Artistic Director of The Moth) introduced me to the work of Krista Tippett, best known for the award-winning podcast and radio show On Being . Here Krista Tippett answers “How can I find my footing in a shifting world?” I love how she talks about stories here. Link:  Oh and On Being has also created this Care Package for Uncertain Times.


5. Ready to build your own world? Study Shantell Martin’s TED Talk on How Drawing can Set you Free 


BONUS: I love coloring books. I have a huge set of colored pencils and often color when I’m stressed (and before you say it: Nope, I don’t stay inside the lines!). This one sounds perfect for right now 


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This weekend’s Bawdy Storytelling Livestream is themed ‘Jackpot!’, and features storytellers Adam Ross, Luna Malbroux, Misha Bonaventura and Caz Killjoy, with music by Jefferson Bergey - and it’s happening THIS Saturday, July 18th at 7 PM Pacific/10 PM Eastern 

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