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It’s Pride! Do you remember the olden days, when Cruising was how you hooked up, & creating a magical kink scene felt like walking uphill both ways in sludge? Leather Legend & Everything Kinky Hall-of-Famer Race Bannon recalls one memorable Spring thaw when horny leathermen donned their gay apparel, venturing out of hibernation to hunt for sex. This week on the podcast we learn: How do you make your own homemade flogger? What’s the hanky code for BDSM, f*cking & fisting? And how casual sex and anonymous dating worked back in 1975, when Race met a man who changed him forever with 3 little words (and 1 act of Kindness). Are you listening? #SexClub #Dungeon #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome #Pride


Song: ‘For your Entertainment’ (Adam Lambert)


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2. 'It is your duty and responsibility to live the fullest and best life that you could possibly carve out for yourself’ In celebration of Pride, multi-award-winning actor and Soho House member, Billy Porter, pens a letter to his 20-year-old self on life, love and the prize of authenticity(Thanks to David Grosof for the link)

3. Our podcast producer Marty Garcia says that when the world is hard, Reina Del Cid’s YouTube channel lifts him up. They release a brand new video every Sunday morning.

4. The songs! The stories! The animation! Bawdy’s Musical sidekick Jefferson Bergey says that he and his partner Sivan escape the harshness of our world with Steven Universe.

5. From an organization I love, Creative Mornings (they offered sold out events in the before times, and now they’re offering zoom workshops - for free - during the Pandemic)

People are recreating classic artworks during Shelter in Place

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